Dave Rastovich - An inspiring and freakishly talented surfer with an active passion for marine conservation. Respected for his ability on a variety of surf riding equipment in waves of all shapes and sizes, Dave is one of the most stylish, talked about and photographed surfers of the last decade, recently featuring in Academy Award winning documentary ‘The Cove’. Hometown - Byron bay, Australia.


Ramon Navarro - A Chilean big wave surfer who grew up on the ocean helping his father and grandfather with their traditional fishing practice, learning to dive at an early age. Ramon has a reputation for riding huge waves and has earned his place as an ambassador for Chilean surfing, deeply committed to keeping his country’s surfing environment pollution free.
Hometown - Punta De Lobos, Chile.




Gabriel Villarán - One of Latin America’s professional surfing pioneers, this incredibly talented Peruvian surfer is among a handful on the planet that can perform at the highest level in all categories of surf whether it’s tube riding, aerial acrobatics, or carving up big deep water waves. Gabriel is proficient and highly respected in big wave circles.
Hometown - Lima, Peru



Dane Ward - Part of San Clemente’s surfing dynasty. Born and raised at renowned Southern Californian surf break Trestles, this highly rated young surfer has been logging his fair share of frequent flyer miles travelling the world over experiencing different cultures, turning heads with his powerful approach to wave riding.
Hometown - San Clemente, California.



Chris Del Moro - Raised in Florence-Italy, now residing in Southern California, Chris has enjoyed professional success as an artist slash designer and as multidimensional surfer equally adept at riding all wave manner of wave craft with an easy style.
Hometown - San Diego, California.



Crystal Thornburg-Homcy - Born and raised in Hawaii, Crystal’s first steps were at the beach. An accomplished longboarder, she also bodysurfs, free dives, and races canoes, kayaks and paddleboards. Crystal divides her time between surfing, environmental projects, and growing organic produce in her home garden.
Homewtown - Haleiwa, Hawaii.



Joel Parkinson - 2012 World Champion. One of the surfing world’s most successful and popular surfers, a global ambassador for the sport, respected for his classic surfing skills and cheerful surf-stoked demeanor, always maintaining an omnipresent status in the global surf media. A naturally gifted surfer, Joel’s seamless carving maneuvers and deep tube riding skills are second to none. Hometown - Coolangatta, Australia.



Leo Acevedo - A highly capable young surfer from a wave rich stretch of Chilean coast brimming with talented surfers. The local rooky from Pichilemu has a radical approach to surfing, blending classic surfing with modern aerial maneuvers, honing his skills on the world-class pointbreaks along the coastline he resides.
Hometown - Pichilemu, Chile.



Diego Medina - One of Chile’s first professional surfers, Diego is renowned for charging big surf, winning a global award for the biggest wave paddled into for the calendar year of 2006, bringing himself to the forefront of big wave surfing, and his home-break on the scene as a legitimate big wave venue.
Hometown - Punta De Lobos, Chile.


Cristian Merello - Though small in stature, his surfing speaks huge volumes. Quiet and humble, Cristian lets his surfing do the talking. Radical and proficient in small and big waves, he’s a very brave and cool customer. A standout Chilean surfer with an ability to perform in all categories of surf, especially at his treasured homeland surf breaks.
Hometown - Pichilemu, Chile.