Shot entirely on 16mm, 'El Mar, Mi Alma' is a visual love song to the surf blessed land of Chile, its people, and the ocean that defines it.

With a long and diverse coastline Chile is a country not only shaped by its geography; the sea occupies a mystical and poetic, conscious and unconscious place within the cultural fabric of the nation. The film is a visual tone poem, a blend of images and music featuring cinematic surfing sequences, coastal landscapes, insightful commentary and poetry, and the movements of the cast on a unique surfing journey. With environmental themes and political undercurrent, the film paints a picture of Chile's beauty and association with the sea, centred around the intimate act of surfing.  




"...a treat for the incredibly moving tale..."

Gabriel  Wilder (Sydney Morning Herald, Australia).




"....a romantic vista...enchanting and rhythmically seductive..."

Bernard Zuel  (Sydney Morning Herald, Australia).





Mandy Chang  (ABC TV Australia).




"One of the most unique and beautiful surf films..."

Michael Albright  (Santa Barbara International Film Festival).




"A must see film."

(Santa Barbara Independent).




"...meditative and visually beautiful..."

Ethan Stewart  (Santa Barbara Independent).




"...a rare treat...riveting..."

Tim Baker  (Author).




"The audience...spellbound..."

Andrew Kidman  (Surf Filmmaker/Musician).




"...a natural and insightful look at an old and treasured culture."

Alby Falzon  (Iconic Surf Filmmaker).




"...classic of the genre...superb surfing, spectacular..."

Paul Witzig  (Luminary Surf Filmmaker).